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Military Law and Security Clearance Law with World Wide representation. Family and Criminal/Traffic/DUI Law in Virginia. Please call us for a FREE consultation.

The Law Center, P.C. is a law firm based in Washington D.C., with a local office in Norfolk, Virginia and serving clients WORLD WIDE. We are dedicated to representing the interests of clients in Military Law matters, Security Clearance Law, Family Law, and Criminal Defense . We handle cases for military and civilian clients in matters including: Military Criminal Defense, Military Administrative Discharge, Discharge Upgrade requests, BCMR Correcting Military Records, Evaluation/Fitness Report Appeals, Military Drug Defense, Unauthorized Absence/AWOL, Larceny, Fraternization, BAH Fraud, and ALL other Military Criminal and Military Law matters. We also handle all Security Clearance Appeals, response to Statement of Reasons, DOHA Appeals, Intent to Deny clearance, and assistance with SF-86/eQUIP application preparation. In addition, we handle the following Virginia law matters: Divorce, Custody, Criminal Defense, and Traffic/DUI Defense.

Military Law charges may involve discharge, incarceration or other potential consequences of UCMJ violations. We have the Experience and Aggressiveness to help retain your Freedom and Career. When your personal freedom and livlihood is at stake you need an experienced military law attorney who is committed to representing your interests by aggressively protecting your rights and freedoms. We have over 22 years of Military experience. With a foundation of service built upon dedicated counsel and personalized attention. We take care to address each client's unique needs as we tailor a strategy that seeks the best possible resolution to their legal matter. If you need an Experienced and Aggressive Military Law Attorney or Security Clearance Law Atttorney please Call us for a FREE consultation - Payment Plans available.

Keep your Security Clearance.

We handle all Security Clearance Law matters including appeals to Deny Security Clearance, Upgrade Security Clearance, response to Statement of Reasons, personal appearances/hearings and SF-86/eQUIP application preparation. We have the Experience you need to help protect and keep your security clearance. We work with security clearance matters with the U.S. Military, Department of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), Defense Industrial Agency (DIA), Defense Security Service (DSS), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Energy, Federal Bereau of Investigation (FBI), and ALL other Federal Agencies. We assist both Contractors and Federal Employees to secure their security clearance. We have the Expereince, Knowledge, and Aggressiveness you need to help you appeal your denied security clearance. Call us for a FREE consultation - Payment Plans available. We have some of the Most Competitive Rates available. Your initial consultation with a Military Law and Security Clearance Law attorney at The Law Center, P.C. is free and always confidential. During this time, you can discuss what has occurred and can get the information you need to make an educated choice about retaining our services and approaching your case from the right angle in order to resolve this matter in a swift and cost effective manner. We know that your entire future may be on the line, and that it may seem as though the world is crumbling down upon you. Let a skilled military law and security clearance law attorney offer you the support and caring guidance you need during this difficult time while you focus on what counts - moving on.

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