Courts Martial Defense

Military Attorney for Courts Martial Defense Located in Norfolk and Serving all of Virginia

All Military service members have the RIGHT to obtain their own civilian counsel to represent them in their courts-martial. When your career is on the line you need a military criminal defense lawyer with experience to help protect your rights and your military career.

Rick Morris will Aggressively fight for your military career and retirement, whether it’s a military courts-martial, Article 15 (NJP), or Administrative Discharge. Rick Morris is retired from the U.S. Navy and isn’t worried about getting promoted or offending a superior officer – Rick Morris will use the full force of all his experience and fight to Aggressively Protect your Rights!

If you’re charged with unauthorized absence/AWOL, missing movement, assault, disrespect, sexual assault, BAH fraud, larceny, theft, murder, indecent assault, DUI, burglary, breaking and entering, false official statement, fraternization, sexual harassment, possession of controlled substance, possession of drugs, drug use, positive urinalysis, spice, fraudulent enlistment, fraud, or any other charge under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, contact Rick Morris, a Military Law Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation.