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In the Military the reality is that adverse and inaccurate information can at times find its way into the official record of service members. There is a method for service members to petition for removal of this inaccurate and false information. Through the Board of Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) or Board of Correction Military Records (BCMR), a factual proceeding is available to petition and attack the inaccurate and incorrect information and remove it from the official record. In order to remove the stigma of being passed over from promotion as a result of that information and possibly to get a special selection board to reevaluate your corrected records against your peers, and be selected; and, under the right circumstances, to receive compensation for the pay you would have earned if you had been promoted with your contemporaries.

Information that can be removed under the authority of the BCNR and BCMR includes adverse performance evaluations or fitness reports, nonjudical punishments, adverse counseling, or courts-martial findings that are erroneous and wrong. Through the history of the BCMR, experience shows that administrative errors or manifest injustice are valid reasons to have erroneous material removed from your official record and are intended to restore you and your career, as much as possible, to the position it would have been in without the error.

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Upon an active duty service member being released from duty, he or she will receive a DD-214 which records information concerning the service member’s career including the reason or basis for separation and the characterization of service, and a re-entry or re-enlistment code (RE). When a service member commits some form of misconduct during their time of service, and this leads to an early termination of their contract, this can result in either an “Other than Honorable” discharge or a “General, Under Honorable Conditions”. Additionally, the service member may receive an “RE-4” Re-enlistment Code which could bar the service member from ever entering military service again and could have a significant impact on any future employment. Once you are discharged there is a method in order for your discharge to be upgraded by petitioning the BCNR or the Discharge Review Board (DRB). It is very important to make the best possible filing the very first time.

If you have been discharged for Homosexuality and did NOT receive an Honorable Discharge or a RE-1 re-enlistment code then we can assist you in your petition to have your discharge upgraded. If you are a LGBT Veteran and need assistance with any other matter you the Veterans for Diversity can assist you. The overall mission of the Veterans For Diversity, Inc. is to bring awareness to and educate Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender veterans of the Veterans Administration programs that are targeted to their specific needs. To consolidate information important to these veterans and give National awareness and education about programs that may not be known by all LGBT veterans.